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April 17, 2015 - Producers Letter


Hail, Norrath!

Sorry for not posting sooner! We are preparing for an awesome EQ future and I'm getting familiar with this epic game again.

To start with, we're working on a new Progression Server based on your feedback from earlier in the year. We're so excited about it we're going to launch it as soon as possible and still aiming for June. We're in the process of getting a new server up and running and planning for a Beta. There is a detailed forum post from Aristo about the Progression Server and additional detail to support a new in-game poll that launched last night so we can get more of your feedback on some key decisions.

Next week in our April 22 update, you'll see more improvements to the Epic 1.0 quests, bug fixes, and quest and mission improvements.

We're also adding a new item in the marketplace on April 22 called "Legend of the Oathbound" that will bring the oft-requested Legends of Norrath loot items to you in randomized bundles that you can trade or sell. Our first bundle will include EQ loot items from the first three Legends of Norrath card sets as well as tournament and promotional loot items that haven't been available for several years. We're going to put these items on the marketplace starting at 999SC. Each LoN loot crate guarantees you two loot rewards!

What's coming? What are campaigns?

In the fall, EQ will release its first "campaign" content. "Campaigns" are our RPG-centric term for DLCs. We thought it was appropriate!

We expect to do two campaigns a year with our first coming this fall. Our primary goal is to keep the world vibrant with content and respond to player needs and issues. We will still provide new lands and character advancement opportunities with our campaigns.

In our two campaign releases each year, we plan to release about the same amount of content as we normally would in one annual expansion. This is important to us because it will allow us to deliver content to you more often as well as respond to an ever-changing player base. For example, the Progression Server is just one thing we are doing in response to recent community feedback. I'll also say that pricing has not been determined for the first campaign coming in fall, but we'll share details when we get closer to our release.

Stay tuned as we bring you more details as we move ahead.

As ever, my best to you all!

Holly "Windstalker" Longdale
Executive Producer, EQ & EQ2

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April 14, 2015 - More Anniversary Quests

The anniversary celebration isn't over yet! Even though the 16th Anniversary missions are only available for a few more days, the player designed missions from previous years are returning Wednesday, April 15, 2015! These will be available in-game until 11:00PM PDT on Wednesday, May 27, 2015!

Looking for more ways to get Commemorative Coins this year? Then you're in luck! This content offers players even more way to pick up the currency to get special celebratory goods from a jubilant merchant in Plane of Knowledge. How close are you to saving up for a Shadow Prowler Saddle?

These can be repeated daily, so don't miss your chance to stock up on Commemorative Coins that can be redeemed for unique anniversary rewards!

These are the 14th and 15th year anniversary events, find guides for them in our Anniversary Special Event Section

To see this and more check them out on our EQ Calendar (be sure to set the time to your time zone!)

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April 2, 2015 - Double EXP Weekend

If you have some free time this weekend, take advantage of it with double experience!

Starting at 12:01PM PDT on Friday, April 3, and running until 9:00AM on Monday, April 6, 2015 don't miss your chance for extra experience!

Check out this and more in our EQ Calendar (be sure to set your time zone in its settings)

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March 24, 2015 - Advanced Looting!

If you haven't checked it out already, check out the News post about Advanced Looting on the EQForums, it should cover pretty much everything about the Advanced Looting system going live in tomorrow's patch: https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index.php?threads/advance-your-looting.218969/

Keep in mind you do not have to use this system if you do not want to.

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March 24, 2015 - Patch tomorrow 3/25

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 4:00AM Pacific* for the Advanced Loot System update. Servers will be unavailable for approximately two hours.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

Check this out and more (in your time zone, set it in settings) check it out on our EQ Calendar

Spell Changes:
March 25, 2015
*** Highlights ***
- The Advanced Loot System is here! See the section below for details.
- Added a prompt when deleting a character to make the player type the character's name as the confirmation instead of clicking a button.
- Most vendors from the Plane of Knowledge have returned from hiatus. They feel as though they can still compete with all-in-one vendors.

*** Advanced Loot System ***
- Please note that there are extensive help files available in the /advloot window. The following is an overview to help you get started.
- If you wish to disable the Advanced Loot System, type /advloot, click on the "Edit Filters" button, and then uncheck the "Use Advanced Looting" option there.

- When you are solo, any loot from NPCs you kill will appear in your Personal Loot List. You have these options with things that appear on this list:
- - Loot: Click the green check mark and this item will be placed in your inventory immediately.
- - Leave: Click on the red X and the item will be left on the NPC's corpse.
- - AN (Always Need): Check this box to say you always "need" this item. While solo you will always loot this item automatically (if you have Apply Filters checked).
- - AG (Always Greed): Check this box to say you always "want" this item. While solo you will always loot this item automatically (if you have Apply Filters checked).
- - Never: Click on this red X and the item will be added to your "never" filter, meaning it will never be added to your personal loot list again (if you have Apply Filters checked).
- - Loot All: If you choose this button, the system will attempt to move everything in your Personal Loot List in to your inventory.

- When you are in a group, the Master Looter's name will appear in the loot window, and the following options now appear in your Shared Loot List:
- - ND (Need): Indicate that this item will benefit you directly.
- - GD (Greed): Indicate that you would like this item.
- - NO: Indicate that you do not want this item.
- - AN (Always Need): If you select this, you will always roll "Need" for this item.
- - AG (Always Greed): If you select this, you will always roll "Greed" for this item.
- - NV (Never): Indicate that you never want this item.

- If you are the Master Looter, you have the following additional options:
- - Action: This is an icon that shows the current status of the item. It defaults to "Ask" (Question Mark) which will ask your group to speak up for the item. If you click this button, it will change to "Stop" (Red octagon), which will stop all action relating to the item.
- - Manage: If you click the gear icon, you open the Manage window. From this window you can choose the following:
- - - Leave On Corpse will leave the item on the corpse. Once the corpse unlocks, anyone is free to loot it.
- - - You can also choose a player in your group from the drop-down menu and click "Give." This will award the item to that player directly.
- - - If you check "Auto Roll," an automated random roll will occur whenever this item is seen again, awarding the item directly to the winner.
- - Roll: Check this box to initiate a roll for the item.
- - You can also right-click on the item for the following options:
- - - Free Grab: The first person to express interest in this item (by checking ND, GD, AN, or AG) will get it.
- - - Leave on Corpse: The item is removed from the Shared Loot List and anyone can loot it from the corpse.
- - - Give to: This option lets you give the item directly to a specific person in your group.

*** Quests & Events ***
- Artifacts of Great Importance - Made eating mushrooms a bit easier in this Heroic Adventure, and fixed a bug that could prevent the task from progressing if you ate the mushrooms too quickly. You no longer need to target yourself when using the Living Fungi (but if you want to, go for it).
- Liquid Courage - A Flask of Fire Water no longer incorrectly sends messages regarding a bonus objective. The real method to obtain the objective does not involve this item.
- Korucust's Royal Pain - Corrected a problem that could allow players to complete some task elements out of order and get stuck.
- Korucust's Royal Pain - Removed the requirement to have the key on your cursor when opening locked doors. It can merely be in your inventory.
- Korucust's Royal Pain - Reduced the number of kills necessary to complete those steps of the mission so you no longer have to track down everything in the zone.
- Korucust's Royal Pain - Changed the Key Teeth icon to use something more key-like than the salt and pepper shaker icon.
- Korucust's Royal Pain - Enemies in this Heroic Adventure now scale down in level more fairly.
- Pirates of Timorous Deep - Pirates you encounter in this mission will no longer enrage at low health.
- Pirates of Timorous Deep - Fixed a bug that could cause the buried treasure to not spawn in very rare circumstances.
- Pirates of Timorous Deep - Enemies in this Heroic Adventure now scale down in level more fairly.
- Cleansing the Ground - Fixed a bug that could cause far too many infected and hosts to spawn in this task.
- In the Plane of Fear, a harbinger of Fear can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Cazic-Thule or the golems. These pieces cannot be multi-quested or traded. In addition, a harbinger of Fear can advance the Whistling Fists quest in the same way as Cazic-Thule.

*** Spells ***
- Druids - All spells in the Winter's Flame line have been changed to work like Winter's Wildflame. The component spells will now receive the full benefit of damage foci but will not use twincast counters on their own. The base spells can still be twincast as before.
- Magicians - Added "No Twincast" effects to all levels of Rampaging Servant. This allows the pet to be focused but prevents the single point of damage on this spell from using Twincast charges.
- Rangers - All spells in the Summer's Dew line have been changed to work like Summer's Cyclone. The component spells will now receive the full benefit of damage foci but will not use twincast counters on their own. The base spells can still be twincast as before.
- Spells that burn mana or endurance (such as the Tears of Qandieal line or Ignite Energy line) can now stack with each other on the same target.

*** NPC ***
- Brasse's beard has been located and returned to the correct location.
- Most vendors from the Plane of Knowledge have returned from hiatus. They feel as though they can still compete with all-in-one vendors.

*** AA ***
- Monk - Removed the knockback effect from Dragon Punch AA procs. Additionally removed the option to create an activation button for this ability because it is a passive effect.

*** Miscellaneous ***
- Changed the default file format for screenshots to JPG instead of BMP. You can change your screenshot format back to BMP or to PNG by placing the line "ScreenshotType=PNG" in the [Defaults] section of your eqclient.ini file.
- Disabled the force pop-up of the expansion at the login screen when you don't have the expansion.
- Removed the force pop-up of the Welcome Screen when logging in.
- Opening the petition window in your default browser should no longer point to an invalid page.
- /hidecorpse options: always, looted, listed and listedunlocked will now persist when zoning and logging off.
- Optimized the processing of long merchant lists. They should open more quickly now.

*** UI ***
- Added the new /autobank command. This will attempt to place any item on your cursor in your bank.
- The voice chat window is no longer active by default.
- /clearchat and /clearallchat now function while in hover mode.
- Fixed an issue with the Find window where scrolling to the bottom wouldn't stay there if you were in a group with 'show group' enabled.
- Added the ability for coin and point crystals to update when custom UIs move them to the alternate currencies tab.
- Added a prompt when deleting a character to make the player type the character's name as the confirmation instead of clicking a button.

- Many UI files have been changed. If you are unable to log in to a character with a custom UI, be sure to check the "Reset UI to Default" option just below "Enter World" on the Character Select screen.

- Added -

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***
- Cleansing the Ground - Greatly reduced the number of infection hosts that spawn after the boss is defeated and lowered their levels by 5 to allow them to be dispatched more easily.

- The EverQuest Team

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March 16, 2015 - 16th Anniversary Missions

There are 7 new tasks for EQ's 16th anniversary. To check out these and the rest of the anniversaries, see them in our Special Quest Section (Only 16th Anniversary will be active, for now), to see the items you can buy with year 15+ currency: a jubilant merchant. There are 2 new items this year on the Merchant, Satchel of Celebration for 700 Commemorative Coins and Shadow Prowler Saddle for 1000 Commemorative Coins.

Belle of the Ball - Bonus: Metamorph Totem: Speckled Hare

Cleansing the Ground - Bonus: Cleansing Rod

Dead Dragons - Bonus: Necromantic Dragon Bone

Korucust's Royal Pain - Bonus: Sarnak Seneschal Mask

Liquid Courage - Bonus: Golden Helm of Rallos Zek

Pirates of Timorous Deep - Bonus: Shimmering Black Pearl

Pub Crawl - Bonus: Drunkard's Stein

To see the dates of these and more events, check them out in our EQ Calendar (be sure to set it to your time zone in Settings on the Calendar)

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March 14, 2015 - Celebrate 16 years of EverQuest with EQResource!

It's time for celebration all across Norrath!  March 16 2015 marks the 16th Anniversary of EverQuest!  To help you celebrate, we've put together two contests that we think you will enjoy!

Guess That Zone Contest:

In this contest you will be presented with 44 screen shots taken from all over Norrath!  There are 22 "Easy Tier" images, and 22 "Hard Tier" images.  Each tier contains 1 image per expansion.  Look through all the screen shots and record your guesses by April 10th 2015 for your chance at some awesome EverQuest swag!  Click Here for full details of this contest!

Name That NPC Contest:

In this 16 day long contest we give you the chance to win 30 days of All Access membership each day!  We will post a screen shot of an NPC located somewhere in Norrath each day, and you get to post your guess of what the NPC's name is!  On the first day we will choose an NPC from EverQuest's 1st year!  On the 2nd day we will choose an NPC from EverQuest's 2nd year! And so on.  This contest will run from March 16 through March 31, 2015.  Click Here for full details of this contest!

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March 13, 2015 - EQ Anniversary Festivities

March 16th will mark 16 years that Norrathians have been adventuring through the lands of EverQuest. Don't miss your chance to celebrate EverQuest's rich history by participating in anniversary events! While we have a full schedule of things for players to do in the coming weeks, check out what we have for you starting on Monday!

Player Designed Missions

If you attended SOE Live in the past, you may be familiar with the Player Designed Missions panel. In these panels, we invited players to sit down with our team of EverQuest game developers, and design real in-game content for all players to enjoy.

On March 16th, 2015 seven of these missions will be going live! These will be available for six weeks, and players have until 11PM Pacific on Monday, April 27, 2015 to participate in any of the following tasks:

    Belle of the Ball
    Cleansing the Ground
    Dead Dragons
    Korucust's Royal Pain
    Liquid Courage
    Pirates of Timorous Deep
    Pub Crawl

For details on these tasks, look in your achievements pane under EverQuest -> Special, or speak to the Mechanical Fortune Teller in the Plane of Knowledge for details.

16th Anniversary Stream

In celebration of the 16th Anniversary of EverQuest, we're inviting players to join us Monday for a stream on twitch.tv/daybreakgames! During this stream, we'll be playing through some of the Player Designed Missions on the Drinal server, and chatting with players that join us on Twitch. Log in to Twitch chat and talk to us and other players during this celebration!

Giveaways? We have them! Sure, it's our party, but YOU'RE the one that has the chance of leaving with a gift. This stream will run for one hour, and will start at 2PM Pacific on Monday, March 16.

16 Days of Bonus Experience

The party isn't over when the stream ends. Starting Monday, March 16, EverQuest players will earn 160% experience for 16 days as we celebrate the 16th Anniversary of EverQuest (see what we did there?). This bonus experience will end at 11:59PM Pacific on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, but don't hesitate to log in and take advantage of this promotion!

Don't miss out on EverQuest's 16th Anniversary celebration! We're grateful for every Norrathian's continued support, and we'll see you in-game!

See these and more in our EQ Calendar (Be sure to set it to your time zone in Settings)

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March 10, 2015 - Patch tomorrow 3/11

Hail, Norrath!

Surprise patch tomorrow! There’s an in-game issue we need to fix so we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and address a couple of other things, namely a few improvements to experience gains.

What's in this update?

    We've improved experience gains in older zones for players who are level 101 to 105.
    Experience bonus effects like Lesson of the Devoted and Bottles of Adventure will now apply to the experience rewarded on Heroic Adventure task completion.
    The amount of experience that mercenaries can gain on tasks has been increased dramatically.
    We're adding new item to the Marketplace, Bottle of Adventure IV, which is a potion that grants +75% base XP.

Tomorrow morning servers will be down from about 4 - 6 a.m. PST.

Sincerely, as always,

Holly "Windstalker" Longdale

See this event and more (in your time zone, be sure to set it to yours!) check it out in our EQ Calendar

dbstr changes: http://spells.eqresource.com/dbstrhistory.php?mdy=03112015

March 11, 2015
*** Highlights ***
- Experience in pre-CotF zones for characters over level 100 has been increased dramatically.
- Mercenary experience gains from task rewards are no longer capped.
- Heroic Adventure completion experience rewards will now be modified by Lesson of the Devoted, Bottles of Adventure, and other experience-modifying buffs.

*** Previously Updated ***
- All Arx Mentis Progression Raids will now only pull people from the raid areas to their safe points rather than everyone in the zone.
- Praetor Captain Tita (Raid) - Fixed an error that was causing her to cast the wrong spells on the wrong targets and preventing the Slapstick achievement from being completed. She will now correctly use her ability Shield Sweep, which does damage in a forward arc and a little knockback.
- Principal Quastori Numicia (Raid) - Purple and Green golems will no longer regenerate while this event pauses. This should make the Balance of Power achievement a bit easier to complete.
- Principal Indagatrix Lucia (Raid) - Fixed the messaging from the Humas Proloxis and Ignas Proloxis so that all players should be able to see the warning messages from their AoE spells.
- Principal Indagatrix Lucia (Raid) - Principal Indagatrix Lucia will no longer jump to attack NPCs, including pets or Firiona. Also, when she warns about incoming parasites, she will shout so that all of her Magia can hear her.
- Calix Quirinus (Raid) - Fixed a bug that prevented players from completing the Evil Ended achievement in this event.

- The EverQuest Team

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March 2, 2015 - 16th Anniversary, HA changes, and Testing


Greetings, Norrathians!

It's cool and rainy here in San Diego, which is about as wild as our winters get. We understand that much of the rest of the country is under a blanket of snow, and a thick blanket to boot. If you or your loved ones are affected, we hope you are staying warm. Pull up your chair, grab a cup of warm cocoa, don your fuzzy socks, and allow us to explain what to expect for the next few months.

Anniversary Event Schedule

EverQuest's 16th anniversary celebration is nearly upon us! Though, it may be more accurate to say that it's already begun. You can get a head-start collecting anniversary currency by tackling the "War Games" mission in the Plane of War, which may not be a bad idea, as the (Special Celebratory Goods) vendor has a few new unique wares to offer. The main event, seven new Player-Designed Missions, kicks off on the 16th. Like the other anniversary events, these missions reward currency, but there are rumors of hidden bonus rewards if you approach the missions in a certain way or accomplish a side goal...

Our planned event schedule for the next few months:
2/25 - "War Games" mission in Plane of War (6 weeks)
3/16 - 16th Anniversary Player-Designed Missions (6 weeks)
3/18 - Brew Day (2 weeks)
3/25 - Bristlebane Day (2 weeks)
4/1 - Stomples Day (2 weeks)
4/15 - 14th & 15th Anniversary Player-Designed Missions (6 weeks)
4/29 - 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th Anniversary (6 weeks)

Heroic Adventure Changes

We wanted to let the community know about some upcoming changes to the Heroic Adventure system. After our next full update, experience bonuses (like the Lesson of the Devoted, Learner's Aura, and Bottles of Adventure), will apply to the experience earned when the Heroic Adventure is completed. In addition, mercenaries will get a much larger experience gain at the completion of a Heroic Adventure.

Testing the New Loot System and New Player-Designed Missions

And last, but certainly not least, a big thanks to everyone that has been putting the New Loot System through the paces on Test. Several good changes and bug fixes have come from community testing and there's no way to overstate how much we appreciate your feedback. The system will be releasing soon(tm), very soon(tm). Likewise, thank you to everyone who ran through the Player-Designed Missions and provided feedback. We've put in a lot of fixes, tuning changes, and clarifications based on testing results.

Keep the good feedback coming!

To see these Events and more (Patches, etc for EQ) visit our EQ Calendar (be sure to set it to your Time Zone in Settings!)

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